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Welcome to Banshee Bike Shop, we are authorised dealers of new and quality used Honda, Yamaha, Polaris and Can-Am ATV’s & UTVs, we pride ourselves in keeping large stocks of the most popular machines used by our customers to make sure that whatever line of work you are in we can keep your business going. Although we specialise in the commercial market, we are also authorised dealers of sport and leisure machines too if you fancy a bit of fun in your spare time.

We are a family run Company who pride ourselves in giving a fantastic service to our customers. This service not only involves the buying and selling of ATV’s and Attachments but the all-important “After Sales” that we are very proud of. “This is the hardest part of the business to manage as you never know who or where the next call will come from and with several thousand customers that we look after it can get a bit exciting sometimes.”

The business has been involved with All Terrain Vehicles since 1980 when the Honda three wheelers really started to find their place in agriculture and we are proud to now be authorised dealers for not only Honda but Yamaha, Polaris, and Can-Am ATV’s and UTVs, with a full array of quality attachments to compliment all the products we sell.

With the ever-changing world we are living in and trying to move forward with the times we have recently moved into the electric work and adventure bike market are really pleased to be an authorised dealer of UBCO Bikes in Wales. This market is only going to go one way.

Our Roots

Founded in 2001, in the heart of Arizona, USA., Banshee Bikes emerged from a shared love for downhill and free ride mountain biking. Our co-founders, Keith Scott and Jay Paradowski, were not content with the status quo. They saw an opportunity to craft bikes that could endure the harshest conditions while delivering uncompromising performance.

Starting in a modest garage, the Banshee journey began with a determination to redefine what was possible in the world of mountain biking. As we grew, our commitment to quality, durability, and rider satisfaction remained at the core of our brand.

The Banshee Experience

At Banshee Bikes, we understand that every rider is unique, and every trail tells a different story. That’s why we offer a diverse range of mountain bikes to suit various riding styles and terrains. Whether you’re a downhill daredevil, a cross-country explorer, or an endure enthusiast, we have a bike designed just for you.

Our bikes are engineered with precision and rigorously tested to withstand the most demanding conditions. We take pride in pushing the boundaries of innovation, constantly evolving our designs to deliver a ride like no other.

Innovation and Customization

One of the hallmarks of Banshee Bikes is our commitment to innovation. We were among the first to introduce adjustable geometry in our frames, giving riders the power to fine-tune their bikes to their exact preferences. This innovation ensures that your Banshee bike is not just a mode of transportation but an extension of your riding style.

We also understand that riders have unique tastes. That’s why we offer customization options, allowing you to choose frame colors and components to make your bike truly yours. It’s not just a bike; it’s a reflection of your personality and passion.

Banshee Bikes for Sale

Now, you might be wondering where you can find Banshee Bikes for sale. Look no further! Our commitment to making Banshee Bikes accessible to riders everywhere has led us to partner with a network of authorized dealers and online retailers. Whether you prefer the personal touch of a local bike shop or the convenience of online shopping, you can easily find a Banshee bike that suits your needs.

Our Promise

At Banshee Bikes, we are driven by our passion for mountain biking and our dedication to our riders. We promise to continue pushing the boundaries of innovation, ensuring that every Banshee bike delivers top-tier performance and durability. When you choose us, you choose quality, reliability, and the promise of unforgettable adventures on two wheels.

Join the Banshee Bikes Revolution

Are you ready to elevate your off-road cycling experience? Join the Banshee Bikes revolution and discover what it means to ride with power, precision, and passion. Explore our range of bikes, connect with our community, and embark on the journey of a lifetime.

Take a look around our site and if there is anything, we can help with then please get in touch.